Manufacturing Products For Your Brand

Since 2001 Shin Dorn has provided OEM and ODM manufacturing of quality products for world wide distribution. Products include vinyl repair glue, seam sealer, silicone glue, lubricant grease, rubber cement, self adhesive patch, anti slip stickers and more. Contact us to put your company brand on our products.

Product News

Use Seam Sealant to Waterproof Your Tent

Are you ready for the summer? People who are into outdoor adventure would be excited to head for their next destination this year. Bring a tent repair kit with you when you are out in the field. It helps you deal with rips, tears, holes and leaking on your gear. Among the tools, seam sealant is a … Read More....

Company News

Shin Dorn Provides Contract Packaging of Adhesive Glue

As the Trump administration announced another round of tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion, tariffs issues have concerned more companies who have outsourced their products from China. Is it still a good idea to purchase from China? While it depends on industries and product categories, some … Read More....

Product Tips

How to Fix a Pool Using Pool Patch Kits

Inflatable pool is such a wonderful household item that it brings many joys to families, especially those having kids. Depending on size and style, a small-sized inflatable pool costs twenty to hundreds of bucks. We want it to hold up well for a long period of time, although we need to fix it using … Read More....


Shin Dorn puts customers first !

This is a happy experience for working with Shin Dorn. My impression is that Shin Dorn always put customer’s need at the first priority. With high quality product, on-time delivery and reasonable pricing, Shin Dorn is definitely a reliable supplier.


Honest and Reliable

Poolmaster, Inc. has been doing business with Shin Dorn Co. since 2003. We have found them to be an honest and reliable supplier.

Poolmaster,® Inc. is a manufacturer of aftermarket pool and spa products. We offer products across six distinct product lines – Backyard & Décor, Games & Toys, Floats, Inflatables, Maintenance and Swim & Dive Gear. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, we manufacture, market, sell and distribute products worldwide to wholesalers, retailers and specialty market segments. Founded in 1958, Poolmaster® has been offering best-in-class pool and spa products with an unwavering commitment to quality, service, and reliability for over 50 years.


Long Term Relationship

We have built a long-term relationship with the Shin Dorn Company. They not only have premium quality control procedures, but also strives to meet our standards on regulations and on time shipping. Last but not least, Shin Dorn’s service is super!

Bestway Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company operating from the economic area in The P. R. China, Cixi City, Ningbo, bordering on Shanghai and Hangzhou, is located in the east of ZheJiang Province, middle part of China's coastline and southern flank of the prosperous Yangtze River Delta, it only takes 2 hours drivers to Shanghai via Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge.


Confidence in Product Qualities

We have great confidence in the product qualities from the Shin Dorn company. They always meet the demand of more and more strict regulations. We are very satisfied with Shin Dorn’s on-time delivery (sometimes they even manage to ship ahead of time!) Shin Dorn is very attentive to details, which is a must-have attribute in suppliers. We are delighted to recommend Shin Dorn!

NingBo DongChuan Swimming Pool Equipments Co., Ltd (Oriental Plastic Manufactory) was established in 1998, and we are the leading manufacturer and exporter of swimming pool accessories products in Ningbo, China. Prospered in the manufacturing business for more than 15 years, we have been providingour customers globally a wide range of swimming pool accessoriesproducts with great quality and highly competitive prices.


Shin Dorn Distinguishes Itself

Shin Dorn is distinct from other suppliers in a way that the salespeople there have a go-giver attitude and always try to provide solutions for me. Many thanks, Joan!

By: Mei-Shiu Lee (SHINCHIEH CO., LTD.)